Whether your children have left the nest, or you chose a floorplan with more bedrooms than you need, you might find yourself uncertain about how to use the spare bedroom. Instead of letting the spare room collect dust or turning it into a storage room, transform it into a functional space!

Have you ever dreamt of having your very own home library? Maybe you need a space for your arts and crafts. Perhaps, you need a space to work from home or a place for your kids/grandkids to play. Transforming your spare room can be a fun and exciting way to make your home more functional and practical!


Do your kids’/grandkids’ toys live in your living room? Or every room? Maybe you’ve accidentally stepped on a stray Lego block. When it comes to kids, it can get really messy at home. But turning your spare bedroom into a playroom can be incredibly exciting for the kids and give you a tidier home.

Creating a dedicated playroom allows your children to have a place of their own. All of the toys stay in the playroom and you’ll have a neater home! Paint the walls fun colours or have your kids choose, then add kid sized furniture, and lots of storage!  We’re sure your kids/grandkids will love what you’ve done with the place!


Imagine after a long day, brewing a cup of tea and delving deep into a book in the comfort of your very own home library. That can easily become a reality now that you have a spare room. Building a home library is simple. All you need is a couple of bookcases and shelves, good lighting, a comfortable place to sit, maybe some art, and of course, books!

A home library provides you with a place to escape the world and go on literary adventures! If you have kids or grandkids, having a home library shows them the importance of books and gives them a place to disconnect from screens and enjoy a good story.

Art Studio

Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, or DIY-er, no matter what medium you use to unleash your creativity, having a space in your home which allows you to retreat into your art is sure to help get your creative juices following.

Turning your spare room into an in-home art studio provides you with the perfect space to create your art. Decorate the room with trinkets and objects that inspire you, every artist needs a muse to find inspiration from! Building an art studio consists of adding the tools you need to create. For example, investing in high quality easels if you’re a painter or if you’re a sculptor, investing in a turntable for your pottery projects. Make sure to have lots of storage to put your paints, brushes, clay, and other supplies away!

Home Office

As of the last few years, many homeowners have transformed their spare room into a home office with the rise of remote work! Regardless if you work from home or if you’d like a quiet space to increase your productivity, building a home office is a great way to use the spare room in your home.

Add the necessities for your home office like a quality desk, a lighting system, a comfortable chair, and other office furniture essential to your work. Personalize the room by adding art pieces, décor, plants and photos of your loved ones!

The way in which you decide to transform your spare bedroom should be a reflection of your lifestyle and interests – there are endless possibilities! And with a variety of home designs available at Shoreline Point, you’ll be sure to find a layout that allows you to utilize the space to accommodate all your needs.

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