Fall is a time to get out the scarves and jackets, relish in the scenic beauty of the changing fall colours and get outside to enjoy the brisk fresh air and the crackle of the fallen leaves under your feet. You may think Wasaga is just a beach town due to its 14 kilometres of sandy beaches, but it is thriving all year-round, and fall is the perfect time to explore Wasaga’s parks and trails! With over 100 kilometres of trails and a large, serene provincial park, Wasaga beach is the best place to get your family outside this fall!

Keep reading to learn more about the finest parks and trails near Shoreline Point and what they offer in these beautiful fall months!


Wasaga Beach Provincial Park (WBPP)

Established in 1959, this natural area of 6.8 hectares protects wildlife habitat and nesting shorebirds, including the endangered Piping Plover. It is also the first provincial park in Canada to be awarded the “Blue Flag” designation for its Banks Management efforts under the International Environmental Standards. WBPP is doing its part for the planet while utilizing its facilities to give park-goers endless amounts of activities and amenities. Some fall activities to experience are biking and hiking, bird watching, boating and canoeing, fishing, and more! The park provides over 50 kilometres of trails, playgrounds, dog parks, dog beaches, bike and boat rentals, a museum, a visitor centre, and a warm-up shelter called the Nordic Centre, where cross-country skiers can warm up and grab a bite to eat in the winter months. You and the family will have a ton of fall fun at WBPP, only moments away from Shoreline Point!

Oakview Woods Outdoor Complex

Oakview Woods Outdoor Complex is a four seasons park that has a parkette, a gazebo, a playground, two tennis courts, a skateboard and BMX park, a dog park, and a skating rink in the winter. The Skateboard Park is still open this fall until October 31st, and the dog park is open all year round so your furry friends can run around and socialize in any weather! This park is a great place to take in the fall scenery while walking through the park or enjoying a picnic in the Gazebo.

Harbourview Park

One of the benefits of living in Wasaga is the fact that Collingwood is only a short 13-minute drive away! It is highly encouraged to take advantage of everything this scenic town has to offer, including its many natural parks! One of the most beautifully serene natural areas in Collingwood is Harbourview Park, situated on Nottawasaga Bay, just Northwest of the Wasaga Beaches. With easy access to the waterfront with boardwalks and trails, Harbourview Park will give you and your family a tranquil and peaceful experience. They provide rest areas where you can take in the scenery and enjoy the views of the Collingwood Terminals that have giant white columns rising from the wetlands. This park is ideal for a fall day of relaxation where you can rejuvenate and bask in the serenity of nature.


Blueberry Trail

If you want a moderately challenging hike that will allow you to see all the colours of fall, then you will need to follow the snowshoe path of Blueberry Trail in Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. Starting at the Nordic Centre, you will travel along the 6.2 km trail where you can spot wildlife and various tree species. See how different kinds of trees differ in colour and how leaf shapes can vary throughout the forest. It is the perfect educational walk for children to learn and explore!

Schooner Town Loop Trail

The Schooner Town Loop Trail is a relatively easy and flat old commuting trail. Start your 5.8 km journey at The Schooner Town Heritage Site, where you will travel down this previous logging road to the Oxbow. Fallen leaves cover the limestone trail this time of year, and walkers can view 3,000-year-old sand dunes, 200-yer-old oak trees (try putting your arms around the whole thing!), bank swallows, and an old three-mile portage route that was used in the war of 1812. Wow, this trail is full of history!

Wasaga Beach Shore Lane Trail

Wasaga Beach Shore Lane Trail is a waterfront trail that travels along the world’s largest freshwater beach! It is the longest and most popular trail in the area and extends the entire length of Wasaga Beach. This trail is not only stunning in the summer but also in the fall, where you can walk along the path of crisp fallen leaves while still enjoying the beautiful views of Nottawasaga Bay. Take pleasure in 14 kilometres of fresh fall air while also observing the many shoreline residences like cottages and gorgeous, grand estates. The trail is also accessible in the winter months, allowing you to stay active all year round and take in the incredible views of the dramatic frozen waves that make up the shoreline.

Veteran’s Way Loop

If you’re looking for a short-looped trail that you can quickly walk through in less than an hour, then the Veteran’s Way Loop is the perfect trail to explore! It is a 2 km trail that is also located in Wasaga Beach Provincial Park and runs through the forest – making it an ideal quick hike to see all the fall colours! Kids will love the scenery and wildlife they will get to see on this walk! Take your family in the winter months as well as it is open all year round!

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